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New Voice International AG

St. Gallerstrasse 8 – 8853 Lachen

+41 58 750 11 11

New Voice Schweiz AG Militärstrasse 90 – 8004 Zürich +41 58 750 11 11
New Voice (Suisse) SA
Chemin du Joran 8b 
1260 Nyon (Suisse)
+41 58 750 11 20

New Voice Systems GmbH
Mörikestrasse 17
71636 Ludwigsburg
+49 7141 947 59 50

New Voice (Austria) GmbH
Paschinger Strasse 59/3
4060 Leonding
+43 732 890 120

New Voice (France) GmbH

New Voice Americas LTD
40 Exchange Place
Suite 1602
New York
NY 10005

New Voice Australia
3 Clunies Ross Court, Eight Mile Plains 4113, Queensland

New Voice Systems DMCC
Swiss ILC Services DMCCSwiss Tower, OfficeJLT, Cluster YP. O. Box 309057 Dubai, UAE

New Voice is established in a small cellar in Zurich

A small basement room in District 6. In winter, the thermometer drops below 8°C. This is how our story begins.

The New Voice was founded during the greatest economic crisis in Switzerland since the Second World War. It therefore took a long time to gain the trust of the first customers, but there is still plenty of time to develop the IVR application generator to perfection. Even if that means working a part-time job at the post office at night. The development from back then is still the basis of MobiCall today.

The first customer

The first IVR system is sold to Telebusiness AG, a subsidiary of Satelco AG. Voicemail and ACD to follow.

The Birth of MobiCall

The introduction of the industry standard DECT marks the birth of MobiCall. Now uni-directional pager messages can be sent - with the functions of confirmation and escalation.

Opening of the Paris office
First redundant solution in hospital operation.

With the USZ, the first fully redundant MobiCall master-supervisor solution was put into operation. At that time still with the fax-to-email function.

Opening of the Austrian office in Linz
Opening of the Nyon office and merger with Paris - opening the Western European Market
Mobilizing 12.000+ staff members with over 6.000 voice channels

The largest Installation at the time.

First Indoor & Outdoor Localization Project

The first indoor & outdoor localization project is successfully finished in one of the largest psychological clinics: 60+ buldings and 1000+ staff members are connected. The clinic even has ist own prison monitored.

Opening of the German subsidiary
Market Release of MobiBBox

With the introduction of the MobiBBox, customers can now get the alarm server as plug-and-play solution as the box is already configured with MobiCall.

New Voice sponsors Hou Yifan for the Zurich Chess Tournament

Hou Yifan (born February 27, 1994 in Xinghua, Jiangsu Province) is a Chinese chess player. The four-time world chess champion has been number 1 in the FIDE women's world rankings since March 2015 (with a break in August 2015).

Task Management System within MobiCall ready!
Stock Management and Asset Tracking supported by MobiCall
MobiCCloud released
MobiCall 12 Release

What is New?

Communication via MS Teams, WhatsApp and email
Unlimited alarm scenarios
Entire alarm configuration on one database
Accelerated alarm triggering
Full redundancy through real-time replication
All new functions and details can be found in the release flyer.

Upgrade of NVXperience Dashboard Generator

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