Facility Management


More efficient and transparent business processes

Thanks to an innovative integration of

Digital data and processes

Facility management includes administration and control activities of buildings as well as their technical equipment and plants. The responsible parties, such has domestic engineering and property management, have to face lots of challenges nowadays. In addition to the increasing cost pressure, the digitalisation and the stricter environmental regulations also number among these challenges. To cope with these requirements it is crucial to reduce the operating costs, to streamline the existing workflows and to efficiently integrate the systems as a whole.

Our MobiCall application offers a solution for a full networking among machines, devices, sensors and the relevant staff members. Key process data, critical thresholds and faults are transferred directly to the responsible parties. Standardised and manufacturer-specific interfaces allow a full integration among the existing building automation systems, the hazard detection technology, the technical components and the distributed control systems.

New IoT-based protocols, such as LoRa, SigFox or NB-IoT are also supported. Such protocols allow a cost-efficient and fast integration of consumption meters,  temperature or level sensors while avoiding the installation of an expensive cabling network thanks to the contribution a central MobiCall platform.

Smart data integration

MobiCall dashboard provides an overview of the main key performance indicators (KPI). Compressed key figures in tabular form and graphical diagrams are available in this cockpit.

Moreover, you can find information on the implementation, progress and compliance with SLA times about current facility management tasks.

If the set response time is exceeded, an automatic escalation can be initiated. Customised users marks can be added to the management tool at any time.

Smart Maintenance

To optimise the cost structure, it is necessary to reduce the number of expensive corrective maintenance measures.

Data intended for predictive/condition-based maintenance can be exchanged thanks to the networking between MobiCall and several subsystems.

This enables your team to plan maintenance activities on the basis of time spans and counter readings. Thus, this procedure model ensures the cutback of corrective maintenance measures.

Fully safe mobile working conditions

New Voice created the MobiCall.App for mobile users. Tasks and faults can be transferred directly to each smartphone. Employees are enabled to create new tasks, to take over open tickets and to document completed activities using a simple touch control.

An integrated personal safety module is available to protect lone workers. The solution is designed on the basis of the DGUV (German Statutory Accident Insurance) 112-139 regulation in order to ensure a reliable personal protection.

In case of emergency, MobiCall provides first responders with a quick notification thanks to a simultaneous communication process. The coordination among the people acting can take place using teleconferences that are automatically started.

Lone worker protection

  • Platform-independent solution for DECT, Wifi, GSM
  • Support of manual (e.g. red button) as well as automatic alarms (man-down, no movement, time, escape and tear-off alarm)
  • Automatic start of emergency conferences
  • Permanent monitoring of the personal alarm signal devices
  • Localisation via DECT, Wifi, Bluetooth Beacons and GPS
  • Buildings and site plans visualization system
  • Support to the security service and the watchman controls

Monitoring of technical components

MobiCall, with its variety of interfaces, allows a real time monitoring of all subsystems, such as the building automation system and ICT components. When faults or critical thresholds occur, the detailed alarm information is automatically conveyed through the cross-platform to a defined group of people. The entire process can be monitored and displayed of course.

Process and building automation

  • Collection and monitoring of reports across different locations
  • IP-Wago Controller collects analog signals and digital inputs/outputs
  • LPWAN based records to connect low-consumption devices
  • Serial connection via ESPA 4.4.4, Generic Printer Protocol
  • IP integrations via Modbus, KNX, BACNet, OPC, XML, ESPA-X, HL7…
  • Display of alarm and status messages
  • Specific alerts according to time schedules and shift plans
  • Positive or negative signal acknowledgement
  • Task management to monitor all pending events
  • Customizable announcement and pop-up functionalities on your PC
  • Integration of PA equipment and IP-loudspeakers

Control centre and hazard management

  • Central representation and compression of monitoring data sources
  • Call-up of crisis teams
  • Optional alerting regarding availability
  • Live monitoring of alarm and information distributions
  • Alerting according to the presence status
  • Input of on-call schedules
  • Automatic import of alarm plans
  • Integrated voice recording
  • Geo-redundant components design
  • Integration of digital radio and smartphones clients

Emergency Management

The NVX MobiCall interface can display critical building or personal alarms including localization which can be combined with other quick functions. Depending on the situation, for example, an action button with a call to the fire department is suggested in the event of a fire. In addition, a pre-recorded alarm or evacuation message can also be played over the loudspeaker.