MobiCall Platform


New Voice Mobicall supports a variety of standardized and manufacturer-specific interfaces in order to ensure a comprehensive integration of clinical, administrative and technical system in use. Based on events, Mobicall can interactively alert staff or in-house technicians, both individually and on a group basis, through all known media using voice, text and image messages.

The MobiCall Functionalities

Parallel Calls

MobiCall is able to call many people at the same time and simultaneously check in real-time what the status of each call is.

Emergency Calls

MobiCall takes care of all emergency communications and automatically connects to the right people at the right time.

Voice Mail

MobiCall is able to record all input calls in order to broadcast these in the event of an emergency.


MobiCall’s integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) applications, optimise information processing and distribution.


MobiCall is able to record all audio conferences, regardless of the number of participants.


With MobiCall’s fully integrated TTS (Text-to-Speech) application, it now becomes simple to expand and multiply information relays.


MobiCall is able to automatically initiate conferencing dependant upon network event notifications received; between two or more participants regardless of the end devices they may be using.

Multimedia Functions

To maximise the number of information points, dedicated modules were developed to enable MobiCall to natively connect and utilise many different technologies.

Image & Video

Streaming and/or screenshot functions eliminate doubt or miscommunication facilitating visual control.

Texts & Emails

Technological gateways are incorporated into MobiCall to enable the automation of text messages and email communication.

Mobilisation Functions

MobiCall is able to execute automatically, a predetermined mobilisation procedure ensuring a potentially least risk routine or emergency workflow, even in the most complex of environments. Efficiency and coordination is optimised, because routines are able to be pre-planned and formally executed in real-time using voice.

Multimedia broadcast

MobiCall is able to broadcast or communicate alarms using voice, text, images or alerts.

Escalation feature

If a notification is not acted upon, MobiCall is able to automatically escalate the notification to another key person.

Watchdog monitoring

MobiCall is able to monitor IT and telecommunications infrastructures together with connected devices, due to dedicated MobiCall interfaces, e.g. SNMP trap.


MobiCall is able to determine where an event occured and can automatically send response teams to the right place, without delay.


Redundancy features may be incorporated into any MobiCall system to mitigate against the risk of hardware failure.

Automation Functions

Any MobiCall system is able to be partially or fully automated to limit the impact of unexpected events or hazards, and optimise an entity’s response.

TMS & Staff Management

Manage the tasks of any team or process using MobiCall’s integrated Task Management System (TMS) ensuring that all events in a workflow procedure are accounted for and taken care of.

Automatic Event Detection

MobiCall is able to use SNMP traps and hardware interfaces to interact with any software system to detect and centralize all daily and emergency event communications.

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