Service Commitment

A single point of contact


Over a period spanning nearly three decades now, the company has developed numerous solutions, and over this time applications have become more advanced and more diverse than ever before. Consequently it was considered essential that a project manager be appointed for each new program under development, and that the project manager would be held accountable for the successful outcome of each stage of the project over the entire length of the assignment. The benefit to the customer is that they get to deal with one individual only which ensures continuity of thought processes.

Project managers would be able to offer the following services:








Prior to deployment

  • Assistance with defining needs.
  • Explore customised scenarios that potentially fit expectations.
  • Perform a pre-installation audit to plan future deployment.

Throughout deployment

  • Elaborate on an implementation procedure with the customer.
  • Review complete project documentation with the customer.
  • Formalise the functional and technical tender specifications.
  • Act as an intermediary between the customer and the company R&D department for any specific requirements.
  • Perform unit tests in the company laboratory or on site.
 Following deployment
  • Provide intelligence on how to use and exploit the new systems autonomously, to the entity’s full advantage.
  • Define the correct nature of support and maintenance required to protect the integrity of the new development into the future.

R&D Interaction

Accountable project managers translate and relay information between customers and the development team, optimising communication, minimising frustration.

Complete Information

Customers are able to be fully briefed on their solution on site or on company premises. We are confident that customers will be able to master their MobiCall platform within a few hours of briefing, and be able to control it completely and autonomously.

Customised Maintenance

Various maintenance and support programs are available to choose from, including an option to scale maintenance up or down to suit longer term needs.

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