MobiBBox – The compact Unified Event Communication Platform

When incidents or critical situations requiring a prompt reaction of the responsible parties occur, such as fire alarm, emergency calls, crisis management, personal security or information technology faults, the use of an alarm platform is of very high importance. With MobiBBox, New Voice offers a compact alarm system. A great added value of the “Plug & use” solution is the wide range of integrations possible. In addition to a multitude of interfaces connected to different communication platforms, also fire alarm systems, nurse call systems,
building management system platforms, potential-free contacts and ICT components can be connected. The system provides an information distribution based on time and calendar, which flexibly illustrates on-call duty plans and duty rosters. Depending on the alarm configuration, the information transmission can occur on a skill or priority basis and in a simultaneous or sequential way. MobiCall also supports internal watchdog monitoring, automatic backups, and comprehensive reporting and statistics functions.

The MobiBBox Gateway distributes alarm notification vie text and/or
voice message to wireline and mobile end devices, such as DECT,
Wi-Fi and GSM, including acknowledgement and escalation options.

Overview of the key aspects:
• compact industrial PC
• easy handling
• no moving parts
• low maintenance requirements
• MobiCall is pre-installed
• support and configuration through remote maintenance
at any time
• embedded operating system
• web server integrated
• connection of DECT devices
• visual alarms, door camera solution
• 3G/4G server (iOS, Android, BlackBerry)
• PC Client for Pop-Up notifications

Fields of application

Mobilization & Evacuation

Alerting & Emergency calls

Lone worker protection & Localization

Nurse call system integration

Monitoring of technical components

IoT-based Monitoring & alerting

IT Monitoring

Connection to the fire alarm system

Pre-installed & ready to use

The MobiBBox is based on industrial hardware and
a high-performance embedded operating system. The
MobiCall Application is already pre-installed. This userfriendly
concept signifi cantly reduces the cost and time
required for installation and initial operation. The webbased
management tool has an innovative “drag & drop”
confi guration tool.

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